Guatemala City to Nakbe

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Shoji, Francisco Lopez, John Mack, and Virginia Miller at breakfast Tikal Airways flight at St. Elena airport. The minivan that we took from the St. Elena airport to Uaxactun. The stela in the courtyard of the the Posada del Chiclero in Uaxactun. A vase in the collection at Uaxactun. The remains of a vase with a similar style to the Buena Vista vase. Various corn grinders at the collection in Uaxactun. The four-wheel drive vehicle that 11 people piled into that travelled between Uaxactun and Camp Yucatan. Example of some of the milder ruts in the road. Don't try this without a four-wheel drive. A house complex along the way. The awning we set up our tents under at Camp Yucatan. Esmerelda cooking breakfast at Camp Yucatan. Don Mateo and Hugo packing up for the mules. Mule transportation through the Yucatan. Packing a mule. What a path through the jungle looks like. Greg Reddick on a mule. The odwalla at the unnamed chiclero camp we stopped for the night at. Horses and mules at Camp Yucatan. Camp Yucatan. A plate from a looters trench. Various polychrome pottery shards from a looters trench.