Guatemala City, then Home

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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 3, 2001. The next morning, the remaining travelers had breakfast together. We said sad good-byes to Greg, who was leaving on an earlier flight, this time with his luggage. Kathryn, Nick, and Marco were taking him to the airport, then Marco was to return for the rest of us.

Though we arrived at the airport with plenty of time, the check-in line was frightfully long. We managed to get checked in, then had a few minutes for some last-minute shopping. I quite out-did myself, managing to find a reproduction of a jaguar dancer vase and two good bottles of Guatemalan duty-free rum with blinding speed. With my new vase stuffed in my backpack and the rum waiting for me at the boarding gate, we bade Kathryn, Nick, and Marco Antonio a final good-bye. What a great trip this had been!

In Houston, I discovered that my flight to Charlotte had been canceled. I had to scramble around and find another flight that actually landed me in Charlotte almost an hour earlier than my original flight would have. But it was a super trip, by every measure!

Love, Sue