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Back side of Temple I Teotihuacan image peeking through Ancient grafitti Ancient grafitti Roof comb of Temple I Barb waving from the top of Temple II The climb up Temple II Me standing on the top of the stela Climbing up Temple II At the top of Temple II Entertaining the Vision Serpent Temple IV through the trees Coatlmundi begging for handouts Coatlmundi Close-up of coatlmundi Temples I and II from the top of Temple IV. Remind you of "Star Wars"? Temple III from the top of Temple IV Lost World's Pyramid Temple V from the top of Temple IV Several of us resting at the top of Temple IV Leaf-cutter ant trail Inscription on side of stela More of same inscription More inscription Stela 31 in Tikal Museum Lake Itza Hotel near Flores Beds at hotel near Flores Pheasants Slit excavation Lost World's Pyramid Bird More pyramids Face from underlying pyramid An unexcavated pyramid Temple V Stela in the Tikal Museum Maya explorer